What Makes Bagel a Boyz Lunch Catering so Special

At Bagel Boyz, our guests satisfaction is our number one priority. We provide door step catering and set up free of charge for all of our guests. Special care and personalized attention is what each of our guests can expect to receive when they order a lunch catering from us. We offer beautiful bagel and wrap deli sandwich platters, boxed lunches, homemade smoked fish platters, fresh meats and cheese dishes, salads, fresh fruits, and freshly baked desserts garnished with seasonal berries all with care and attention to make you and your guests happy.

We make all of our chicken, tuna, and egg salad using all white chicken breast, albacore tuna, and hard boiled eggs; the same goes for our bagels- they’re made from scratch, then boiled and baked fresh!  Bagel Boyz even smokes our own fish! Our nova, whitefish, and kippered salmon are all smoked fresh in house for each catering order we receive.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Bar Mitzvah, graduation, or having an office party or corporate meeting- Bagel Boyz will take care of your every need!


Bagel Boyz delivers anywhere from Wellington, FL, all the way up to Stuart, FL. Our clients satisfaction comes first to us, so if you’re in a pinch, and need a catering order delivered- always feel free to call us at Bagel Boyz and we’ll make sure it happens!

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Fruit nova tuna salad catering bagel boyz


  • *Our Top Shelf platter is sure to please any special guests you wish to impress, and leave them raving about it!
  • Gourmet assortment of our deli wrap sandwiches and bagel sandwiches
  • Assortment of tuna, chicken, egg, or whitefish salad. Roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, turkey, turkey club, Italian, or chicken Caesar 
  • Sliced cucumbers and olives
  • Chicken Caesar or  grilled chicken greens salad
  • Homemade cole slaw
  • Homemade Mediterranean cous cous, loaded potato salad, Amish macaroni salad, or Italian pasta salad
  • Freshly baked cookies
  • Dill pickle spears
  • Assorted Dr. Browns sodas, Natalie’s Orchid Island juices, bottled waters
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Deli Wrap & Bagel Platter 9.99/pp

  • Served on a combination of freshly baked bagels, and Kosher wraps
  • Assortment of tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, roast beef, corned beef, turkey, turkey Rachel (turkey and cole slaw with swiss and Russian dressing), corned beef Rachel, Italian (ham, capicola, salami, pepperoni)
  • Sliced cucumbers & olives
  • Cole slaw
  •  Choice of home made potato salad, macaroni salad, or our Mediterannean whole wheat cous cous
  • Assortment of freshly baked cookies
  • Dill pickle spears
  • All wraps include lettuce and tomato*Add greens salad or Caesar salad for $.99/pp


  • Combination of homemade, and freshly smoked whitefish salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, and egg salad
  • Served on a bed of lettuce with lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions
  • Includes capers and olives
  • Assortment of freshly baked bagels or bialys
  • Homemade cole slaw
  • Fresh fruit bowl, potato salad, macaroni salad, or our Mediterranean whole wheat cous cous
  • Dill pickle spears
  • Includes freshly baked cookies

nova platter 10.99/pp                                         

  • Hand sliced nova cured & smoked in house!
  • Choice of homemade cream cheeses
  • Sliced tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, capers
  • Choice of freshly baked bagels or bialys
Our nova is cured, and smoked fresh in house!

Deluxe Smoked Fish Platter 14.99/pp

our smoked fish is prepared fresh per order. we brine and cure all of our fish before we smoke it in house, and present it to our guests beautifully arranged on platters!
  • Hand sliced nova salmon
  • Whitefish salad
  • Kippered salmon
  • Whitefish
  • Includes freshly baked bagels or bialys
  • Choice of cream cheese spreads
  • Includes sliced tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, lettuce, capers, and olives

Sliced Meat And Cheese Platter $8.99/pp

  • Assortment of roast beef, salami, turkey, ham, capicola, corned beef
  • Assortment of swiss cheese, provolone cheese, cheddar cheese, and American cheese
  • Includes assortment of freshly baked bagels or bialys
  • Includes homemade cole slaw
  • Includes choice of homemade potato salad or macaroni salad
  • Includes dill pickle spears

*Add sliced tomatoes, onions, and lettuce for $.99/pp


  • Your choice of bagels, wraps, or bread
  • Tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, roast beef, corned beef, turkey, turkey Rachel (turkey and cole slaw with swiss and Russian dressing), corned beef Rachel, Italian (ham, capicola, salami, pepperoni)
  • Includes side of cole slaw
  • Includes bag of chips
  •  Includes freshly baked cookie

World Famous Philly Bar 10.99/pp

  • *Our signature philly cheesesteaks brought to you! Build them just the way you like!!
  • Includes perfectly seasoned chopped ribeye
  • Includes grilled chicken breast chopped finely
  • Shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes
  • Sautéed green peppers, mushrooms, and onions
  • 10 inch hoagie rolls and American cheese
  • Assortment of kettle cooked “Dirty” brand chips
  • Includes cole slaw
  • Includes freshly baked cookies

A La Carte

  • Chips 1.29 Kettle cooked “Dirty” brand- we offer sea salt, salt n’ vinegar, bbq, sour cream and onion, jalapeno
  • Italian Pasta Salad (serves 12-15) Made with tri colored pasta, salami, capicola, black olives, chopped vegetables, and provolone cheese- A house favorite recipe originated by Mike Sr! 19.99
  • Macaroni salad (serves 12-15) An original Bagel Boyz recipe with a slightly sweet taste..you gotta try it to believe how good it is- we promise you’ll be coming back for seconds! 19.99
  • Potato salad (serves 12-15)  Made with red skin potatoes, scallions, hard boiled eggs, and chopped bacon! 19.99
  • Mediterranean Cous Cous (serves 12-15) Made with whole wheat cous cous, grilled veggies, kalamata olives, fresh herbs, and feta cheese! 24.99
  • Decorative fruit platter (serves 12-15)  Assortment of fresh berries, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, and pineapples arranged decoratively on a platter. 29.99
  • Deli Wrap & Bagel Platter  (10 or more people)  Assortment of bagels and wraps with your choice of deli meats or salads arranged on a platter. 7.99/pp
  • Deluxe Salad Platter  (10 or more people)  Assortment of tuna salad, egg salad, whitefish salad, and chicken salad arranged on a bed of romaine lettuce with tomatoes, onions, capers, & olives. Includes sliced bagels or bialys. 8.99/pp


  • 2 liter soda (Coke products) $2.50
  • Bottled water $1.50
  • Dr. Brown’s soda $1.75
  • Assorted canned soda (Coke products) $1.50
  • Natalie’s Orchid freshly squeezed lemonade, strawberry lemonade, or lemonade-tea bottles $1.75
  • Snapple $1.99
  • Freshly brewed gallon of iced tea $3.99*Unsweet or sweetened
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